Oulanka National Park, Finland!

Oulanka National Park located in Finland, is a large boreal forest of Scotch pines, spruces and silver birches.


The secret of Oulanka lies in its soil which contains limestone. Rather unusual for Scandinavia, the limestone neutralizes acids in local soil and helps provide nutrients that boost plant growth.


The wildlife within the parks confines is extensive. Of the over 7,000 insect species found in the park, wood ants are the most notable, they build tall nests some a meter high and are seen all over the forest floor. The park features a semi-domesticated reindeer population that easily can be identified by their ear tags.

Local herders are permitted grazing rights to the park and their animals are allowed to wander freely about during the warmer months. During fall they are herded up to spend the winter in corrals.


The park features two species of magnificent Orchids, the lady slipper which grows in the marshlands and the calypso, which serves as the symbol of the park. Ironically, Lady Slipper can be found locally the Biolife product that shares the same namesake is found to cure stresses and provide relaxation.


Located in the rather remote upland region of North Ostrobothnia and Eastern Lapland along the Russian border, the park can be reached by bus, which runs from Salla and Kuusamo that both are located close to the Oulanka airport.


The park is open year round. For those who prefer the warmer months you may take advantage of rafting through park rapids, and for those who love the colder months you may opt to ski on their perfectly manicured trails.