PETA And Bebe At Odds Again!


Exactly four years ago animal rights organization PETA went after retailer Bebe for its production of fur garments. That battle ended with PETA emerging victorious after Bebe agreed to stop its usage of fur.


However, it now appears PETA is back for round two as they are alleging that Bebe continues to offer fur products to its consumers.  Following this latest development, PETA issued a letter to the CEO of Bebe Steve Birkland. In the correspondence sent, they have ordered the retail company to cease and desist its “deceptive” practice.


The letter further states that Bebe is, “giving contradictory and therefore false and misleading information to consumers who contact your company about its fur-free policy – including telling consumers that Bebe is a fur-free company, when, in fact, Bebe continues to sell products made with animal fur.”  It went on to order that Bebe cease and desist “its false and misleading statements” in order to not force their hands to “seek judicial relief.”  There has been no word yet on Bebe’s response, but as with all PETA battles, this should be interesting to watch.