Philipp Plein’s Cast Of All-Black Models Transports Us To The Future In New Ad Campaign


This Friday the 13th is turning out better than we could have ever expected. First, BEYONCE. And now the release of this beautiful ad campaign from Philipp Plein featuring a cast of all black models in a futuristic world. You may remember us talking about German designer Philipp Plein this past fall. A lover of provocation and breaking down barriers, Plein chose to use all black models in his Spring 2014 runway show appropriately titled, “Only Black” as a way to further his message of “doing the unexpected and shaking people from their complacence,  forcing people to face the future where old prejudices have no place.” In the ad campaign for his Spring/Summer 2014 collection, Plein shows a version of that future in all black.

Shot by photographer Francesco Carrozzini, the campaign transports us to a “parallel crystalline world” where the cool gang of  models are cut off from the mundane and ordinary elements of the world. The collection is comprised of all black or all white pieces that use luxurious materials such the CRYSTALLIZED™- Swarovski Elements seen on the black skull dress above.

Noticeably missing are mega-star models such as Joan Smalls and Jourdan Dunn, whose status as widely known supermodels perhaps excludes them from Plein’s scope, but the roster of newcomers includes Grace Mahary and many other names we’re sure to be hearing a lot about soon.

Plein says of his new campaign, “I thrive on provocation, going against the status quo, and avoiding the predictable. From choosing an only black cast to combining apparent opposites like underground style with extreme luxury, my objective is to push limits and transcend convention.”

To see the whole campaign head over to Plein’s site here, where you’ll see lots of behind-the scenes footage and even a video.