Plan Your Next Trip To The Dominican Republic!

A gem in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is one of the most geographically diverse countries, with gorgeous mountain scenery, desert scrubland and fine colonial architecture, not to mention warm people.

Boasting hundreds of miles of coastlines with picturesque white sand beaches and rows of palm trees shading the shoreline, this is definitely an island for laid-back relaxation.

If you can drag yourself from the charm of the pristine beaches and venture into the rural areas you will find cows and horses grazing along roadsides, while tractors plough the fields and trucks and burros are loaded with produce. The further inland you go, the more you will see of the many rivers, waterfalls and mountains. Four of the Caribbean’s highest peaks rise above the lowlands surrounding Santiago. The Dominican Republic also boasts desserts extending to the South West of the island giving it a physical and cultural diversity not found on other islands.

With a large diverse ethnicity, Santa Domingo exudes an age-old charm in regards to the architectural make up.

How To Get There?


There are many options to get to the Dominican Republic. For international visitors, the best bet is by air or sea. For visitors from Haiti, you may travel by land. All travelers to the country are required to have a passport and tourist card, for Haitian visitors you will be asked to produce the yellow entry card you will receive on entry along with your passport.


When To Go

Except for the mountainous areas, temperatures don’t vary much in the Dominican Republic, averaging 81ºF (28ºC) to 87ºF (31ºC) in most places for much of the year.

Rainy season is May to October though in Samana and on the north coast it can last until December. August and September constitute hurricane season.

Tourist season runs from December to February and July to August. February has great weather and you can enjoy Carnaval and the whales in Samana. November is good, too – you’ll miss the whales but you catch baseball season!