President and First Lady Obama Proclaim Black History Month a Celebration of Women

As he does each year, President Barack Obama recently signed a proclamation commemorating February as “African American History Month.” This year, the Obama Adminstration has decided to celebrate via the theme, “Black Women in American Culture and History.”

Read an excerpt of the First Lady’s message below:

“This is a time when we honor the rich legacy of African Americans throughout our nation’s history, and this year, our national theme focuses on the unique contributions of African-American women.

They’re heroes like Sojourner Truth … Harriet Tubman … Dorothy Height … Rosa Parks … Maya Angelou. They’re women who fought against slavery … stood up for women’s suffrage … and marched in the streets for our civil rights.  They’ve broken boundaries … stirred our souls … and opened our hearts.

But we all know that you don’t have to be in a history book to make a contribution to our country.  So we’re also celebrating the women we call mom or grandma. We’re celebrating our aunts … our best friends … all those women who live each da with a spirit that is uniquely their own, and who continue to write our country’s story every single day.”