Purse Designer Capitalizes On The Clutch That Solange Threw At Jay Z


Solange, in the elevator, with the Anya Hindmarch Crisp Packet Clutch. Sounds like the answer to a fake murder mystery in the game of Clue, but it’s actually real life. And Anya Hindmarch, the designer of the clutch that Solange threw at Jay Z in that now-infamous incident, is capitalizing on the viral nature of the story by way of a new ad that she debuted on Twitter.

In some sense, this deserves a side-eye because it somewhat glorifies the violence that took place, but on the other hand it’s a pretty genius marketing move. (And it’s definitely not as mean as what Rihanna did to a fan who idolized her.)
The Crisp Packet Clutch is a hot item in the fashion world right now–it’s novel and chic and cool–and with a price like $1,595, it certainly is worth fighting for, but only in the figurative sense. (As in, fighting internally with yourself to get your budget in order so you can save up and buy one.)