Queen Elizabeth disliked travelling by golden carriage during her Coronation | Travel News | Travel

Queen Elizabeth disliked travelling by golden carriage during her Coronation | Travel News | Travel

Queen Elizabeth, 91, has travelled across the globe for both personal trips and state visits.

She often travels on a private plane, although was once known for flying British Airways when she was younger.

Her Royal Majesty also uses the Royal Train when travelling across the UK, and even by the Royal Yacht Britannia before it was decommissioned in 1997.

There is one method of transport that the Queen has revealed to dislike the most.

During her coronation in 1953, she was required to travel by a golden carriage to Westminster Abbey.

She told explained in the recent BBC documentary The Coronation just how uncomfortable the journey was for her 25-year-old self.

The Queen said: “It’s only sprung on leather [which is] not very comfortable.”

Measuring seven foot long, and weighing nearly four tons, it was pulled by eight horses which she states is “not meant for travelling in at all” and only went a couple of miles an hour.

Her favourite method of travel was reportedly the Royal Yacht Britannia, which sailed for 44 years in the Royal Service.

It travelled over one million miles with a favourite trip of the monarch’s being to the Western Isles of Scotland.

It was decommissioned in 1997 due to the sheer cost of running the ship being too expensive to maintain. 

She famously shed a tear during its final service.

What many people may not realise is that Queen Elizabeth often travels by train when returning from Norfolk.

The Royal Family head to Sandringham every year, with the 91-year-old travelling from King’s Lynn station in Norwich to London Kings Cross, taking the 10:45am train with her entourage.

Costing £56.10, she travels first class for the 90-minute journey, choosing the commuter train over a plane or car.

One passenger reportedly bumped into her security team without even realising who the famous royal was.

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