Rebel Wilson: I gained weight to become famous


According to actress Rebel Wilson bigger is just funnier.

The “Pitch Perfect” actress recently revealed that she deliberately packed on the pounds to get more laughs.

She recently told the Telegraph about the first time she recalled performing with a heavier actress

“I was like: ‘Oh. That girl’s getting a lot of laughs, a lot easier than me. What is it?’”

Wilson says she didn’t think her material was lacking in comparison, but maybe the audience just found fat a little funnier. And after a weight gain she recalls suddenly being more recognized in comedy.

Wilson went on to say maybe its because people find it harder to laugh at a attractive person, or maybe bigger people just have better personalities.

Whatever the reason Wilson she now sees her size as an advantage whereas so many women see it as a disadvantage.

The actress did however reveal that she has considered slimming down recently, but hasn’t made up her mind.


Source: Dre1Alliance