More recognition needed for mento writers

Musicologist Roy Black is calling for more prominent acknowledgment for mento musicians whom he feels have been disregarded.

This was the concentration of his introduction at the 6th Jamaica Music Museum Reggae/Black History Month Grounation on February 5 at the Lecture Hall of the Institute of Jamaica.

“Essentially, I would state that the musicians’ [of mento] part was, critical, and I think it ought to be given more acknowledgment. Since most circumstances you don’t hear much about these individuals that composed these melodies and I think it is essential,” said Black. “They were not standard individuals.”

Dark, who has the week by week The Saturday Night Alternative on FM.89, named Everard Williams as one of Jamaica’s first incredible lyricists. He was persuasive in the ascent of original twosome Slim and Sam amid the 1940s.

Among the melodies Williams composed are Night Food and Dry Weather House, recorded by Alerth Bedasse and Chin’s Calypso Sextet. Hubert Porter was additionally specified among mento’s top lyricists.

Mento originates before well known Jamaican music. The twangy sound is still mainstream in North Coast inns where most mento groups play. Stanley Beckford, The Astronauts, and the resurgent Jolly Boys are a portion of the prevalent artistes in contemporary mento.

Source: Jamaica Observer