Reggae artiste and song writer, Carlton Hylton, also known as ‘Ghost’ in keeping with the true spirit of Reggae, is getting ready to display his ingenuity and natural passion for song writing and performance in his much anticipated soon to be released album, ‘Ghost Stories’.  Ghost is back with a much more mature sound that echoes his new direction as a songwriter.  He wrote ten of the seventeen-track album.  The album is scheduled to be released on iTunes on August 31, 2011. 

Ghost’s team is pulling out all the stops to host his Album release party on Thursday, September 15th, at the plush new Headquarters of Link Up Media Group of Companies, in the trendy downtown Manhattan building at 225 Broadway on the 28th floor.  It is expected to be a big turn out comprising of music executives and fans from the many different musical fraternities.

The Album has a mix of Lovers Rock and Reggae tracks that will readily resonate with his countless fans.  He has a penchant for covering powerful love ballads that resonates with audiences across the globe.  It is that appeal that makes him a visionary artiste and the beloved performer he is today.  This album is poised to be a hit and is expected to follow in the steps of his prior album ‘No Limit’ which did exceptionally well on the international scene.   

Much of the Album was recorded in Jamaica, while the remaining tracks were done overseas.  A slew of independent and veteran producers collaborated on this album including Rising Star’s Alum and mega star Singer/Producer, Christopher Martin.  Ghost expressed the difficulty he had in choosing the one song that would be used to debut the album, because he has so many favorites. ‘Baby Come Over’ was chosen as the debut track off the Album and is anticipated to be a sure hit for the talented singer.

Ghost is excited as he is anxious about the feedback from the album.  In an interview with JAMROCK, he wanted his fans to know that he is still very much in tuned with what they want from him, and he’s intent on delivering that and much more.  He further stated that in unleashing his talent as a songwriter on this Album, that this is a somewhat new Ghost, a much more mature Artiste, with the same flair, who is showcasing his flexibility as a songwriter and veteran singer capable of keeping his fans spellbound to his music one track at a time.

To RSVP and Press information, please contact Tiffany Vassell of Link Up Media Group of Companies at 347-862-9302 or RSVP@JAMROCKMAGAZINE.COM