Replace Your Contouring Brushes With These Babies


You’ve mastered contouring.

The right foundation and powders have been purchased. You’ve got your setting spray too. But having the right makeup products are only half the job– you need the wands to apply your contour seamlessly. And this is where Sigma comes in this holiday season.

The six-year-old company is unique because of two things: their innovation and attention to detail.

Created for makeup “enthusiasts” their brushes are hand-crafted, have wood handles and use special synthetic fibers made to last years. They retail brushes in kits by application type –#BrowGame, #CoffeeDate, #GetCheeky– or individually. And just in time for the holidays, they have curated brushes made for dimension on specific areas of one’s face.

Our favorite is the F23 or Soft Angled Contour™ that works at the cheekbone for a soft contour or strobing effect.