Report: 50 Cent Affiliate Arrested for Slowbucks Chain Snatching


Slowbucks may want #brandjustice in the investigation case of his stolen chain, but for now he’s getting criminal justice. Mikey Fingers, who is allegedly down with 50 Cent’s entourage, was arrested for his involvement in the theft.

Fingers’s arrest comes just days after Slow, an apparel brand owner/aspiring rapper, and his lawyer, John P. Bostany, held a press conference Thursday (June 5) to announce they were launching an investigation into the robbery, and now it has prompted snitching allegations thrown in Slowbucks’ direction.

Mike Lighty, brother of the late Chris Lighty, had some choice words for Slow on Twitter calling him a “coward” for outing his boy Fingers.

“#ShoutOut The coward @slowbucks For Snitching On the Homie Aka Tio #MikeyFingers !!!!! These @slowbucks Cats talk about killing drugs and gangs But when the block Is flamming these be the same Cowards Snitching and pointing People Out ….. #Free my ni*** #MikeyFingers !!!!” Mike tweeted.

Slow, who maintains the robbery threatened the integrity of his Slowbucks brand, had a comeback for the snitching shots.

He posted an image of a long paragraph accompanied by an even longer caption to his Instagram account Saturday (June 7). Slow denounced the “snitching” allegations, stating that the press conference was not about “pressing charges but about brand management.”

Slow blamed the media for misconstruing the conference, which he maintains was for an audience of fellow brand builders.

“Da brand consultant was explaining Da case 2 a panel of P.R. In an attempt 2 try 2 pull some bread out 4 Da ‘SlowBucks’ Brand,” Slow wrote. “However, the media will always show y’all what they want you 2…We not entertaining NO #Police @ all!!”

Video of the incident, which went down during Fif’s set in the midst of a G-Unit reunion
at Hot 97’s Summer Jam (June 1), also surfaced last week.

Details have yet to be released regarding Fingers’s reported arrest. However it looks like while Fingers could be awaiting judgment from a court of law, Slow will continue to be judged on social media.