Report: Steve Harvey Is Being Sued for Tricking Out His Private Jet


The folks over at Business Aircraft Leasing aren’t very happy with Steve Harvey right now. They filed a lawsuit against the comedian, claiming he stiffed them on a huge sum of cash. According to TMZ, Steve leased a private jet and pimped it out to the max, but failed to pay up on some of the cost.

The company claims the Family Feud host made a deal back in April 2015 to lease a Gulfstream G-IVSP S/N 1289 — to all the “jet-heads” out there. The standard features that came with the aircraft were a bit too boring for Steve, so, according to the company, he made some major modifications to the interior — more than $400,000 worth, which he agreed to pay half of.

Of the swanky modifications made were custom carpet fixtures, a reconfiguration of the interior cabin from 16 seats to 14 seats, custom seat designs and brand new upper and lower cabin sidewalls. Business Aircraft Leasing clarified that all of the renovations were made “in reliance of the contract.”

Now, after all of Steve’s modifications were made to his liking, he allegedly backed out, leaving the company high and dry. The jet company now wants $205,000 minimum from the talk show host.