Rich emotional detailing sets Take Shelter


Jeff Nichols, the second feature film, refuge, is almost as bizarre as its protagonist, a man plagued by apocalyptic visions and nightmares. But Nichols has a genius for landscapes and everyday objects resonate like crazy, to nail the texture of fear. Michael Shannon, who played in superb debut Nichols, Shotgun Stories, plays Curtis, a team leader of the Ohio sand mining company that has a tireless woman, Samantha (Jessica Chastain), who sells crafts at home flea market, and a little deaf girl, Hannah (Tova Stewart) who is lonely in a world of its own. Curtis in dreams (sleeping and waking), a storm brings rain to the oil viscosity, tearing his dog, locusts destroy the sun, and people shift all night like a zombie movie. Curtis knows all this may be in his head: his mother (Kathy Baker) were diagnosed with schizophrenia at about the same age, it is now.

Increasingly, he devoted himself to the area protected from the elements in your garden, why? Hurricane? Flood? Plague? Anyway, is unlike anything the world has ever seen.

The danger of the cast rather than soft core Shannon is that he will be part of every individual with a haunted house, and that the unraveling of his last may seem like déjà vu. But the actor, his large, protruding eyebrows added to the confusion, it is really painful presence, mythically undeveloped. Nichols, Curtis ensure that you eat what you eat, too. It breaks the scenes images of destruction, not just the obvious ones, such as funnel clouds and lightning in the fields of spiders in Ohio, but the chains and score buckets and valves ground. Nichols and his cinematographer, Adam Stone, arouses a sense of home, looking out of the flood, a will-be-non-stop rain, which also makes home-sweet-home feeling of emergency shelter.

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Take refuge seem as obvious as its title, if the opening scenes that have not been so carefully and in detail. Hannah Stewart has a quiet presence, but prayer and Shannon try to get him to sign as the gentlest of giants. And Chastain is a very reactive to a greater presence. Is the actor the strongest to hit the screen for years, even decades? Based on this film and Jolene and debt, and even The Tree of Life, I would say she just might. Partly it’s his unearthly beauty, shining like the author Tom describes as “this fascinating multi-planed and juicy black alternately giving long-term hunger for as many angles as possible.” But also how it moves, how the body of her partner physicalizes feelings, in this case, his love for his daughter (through its sincere sign) and the growing fear of madness by her husband. She stretched a muscle and space charge.

Nichols has a good eye, Shea Whigham wanted more players like Curtis embarrassing a colleague and Ray McKinnon for his brother mysteriously captivating elderly. And its bad to feel the vibrations are supernaturally passionate. Shotgun stories focuses on the feud between the two half-brothers, and found the connection and the urge to take revenge FATHER than any American film I’ve seen. The obvious comparison is to take cover by Todd Haynes, is a safe, a woman (Julianne Moore) is slowly dying of modern life. Men should be one and a half decades later, when the book of Revelation has become the mainstream of politics, when every year brings a new prediction of the exact date the world ends, when hurricanes and floods and earthquakes, as well as waves heat and the melting of glaciers, and accidents at work and jobs and Michele Bachmann has crazy eyes are the windows, which can be conscious and unconscious of their lives.

At the end of the refuge … we are talking about, when you see it. But do not come from nowhere. This is a movie monster, lost in a pure distillation of yours.

The title indicates the 50/50 chance of Adam (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is to survive (and, incidentally, do not survive), a rare cancer of the column next to the other as his friend Kyle noisy (Seth Rogen) is highlights the best of all if it were a casino game. This is the kind of line that makes the finished film. As a joke, is sharper than funny. As an expression of division pulse Kyle screams of horror and say something optimistic, it is funny and touching. Unlike most diseases of the week, movies, 50/50 split: Your focus is on half the young men, blinded by the prospect of death, medium and fast people start to behave like idiots in the face of his illness. The cancer becomes a springboard for the tragic comedy, rather than pathetic.