Rob Kardashian Sued By Female Paparazzo


It seems Rob Kardashian’s picture may just be worth a legal battle.  Photographer Kassandra Perez (real name: Andra Viak) filed a lawsuit against Rob Kardashian on Tuesday. The photographer is accusing Rob of assault and theft. The incident reportedly occurred last month outside a Beverly Hills, California gym.


Perez’ lawsuit claims that Kardashian, 26, “intentionally, willfully, wantonly and maliciously ran” at her after she snapped shirtless photos of him in the “public parking lot of a local gym.” She also claims that she was “struck in the face and suffered severe contusions on her arm and chest, as well as damage to her property” as a result of Kardashian’s “violent use of force.”


The suit further claimed that when Kardashian realized she was photographing him he, “quickly put on a t-shirt, looked to each side and then suddenly and unexpectedly ran towards Plaintiff’s vehicle.” He then according to Perez, “reached into Plaintiff’s vehicle window and violently attacked [her], a woman half his size, in order to take Plaintiff’s camera out of her hands.”


Perez’ suit is also seeking to claim recovery of her memory card which she said had approximately 1,200 photographs of various celebrities and other photographs of freelance projects. According to Perez, Kardashian took this from her. The Beverly Hills Police Department did confirm with reports that because Kardashian allegedly took the photographer’s memory card by force, they are investigating the case for felony robbery.


However it is yet to be determined when the investigation will end and if the DA will even charge Kardashian.