Rohan Marley Says, “I’ll Take the Kids” While Lauryn Hill Serves Her Sentence!

Rohan Marley the father of five of Lauryn Hill’s children has announced that he will be taking responsibility for the off-springs that he shares with the singer while she serves her three months prison sentence for tax evasion.

Marley has always been an active parent in the children’s lives; however the 40 year old says he will increase the support while their mother is away. He told reporters, “I will be there even more while she is dealing with this … to make sure that everything is fine.”

The children will reportedly stay with family members, with Marley stepping in to help out as much as possible. Hill and Marley was a couple for over 10 years however they did not get married. Their children’s ages range from 5-15; however Hill was the one mostly in charge.


The Ex-Fugee member also has a toddler son, whose father has never been revealed. Marley and Hill split in 2009.  Marley has since gotten engaged to Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana.