Runwaydreamz’s Itty Bitty Denim Shorts are Super Fresh (Do Indulge!)

The denim cutoff short has been a bad girl staple for decades and isn’t leaving us anytime soon. But not every fashionista has the skill or time to turn a pair of old jeans into a spicy must -have pair of cutoffs.

Enter Runwaydreamz, a Los Angeles based apparel company specializing in creating eye-catching denim cutoffs. These distressed shorts are often complete with studs, rhinestones, a printed accent, or unique tie-dyed finish. Each pair is made from a pair of authentic vintage jeans, giving them a high-rise feminine silhouette. A pair of these embellished denim shorts will set your pockets back about $150.00.

But hey, they’ve been approved by celeb stylist Rachel Zoe and reality star Kylie Jenner.