Sherri Shepherd Blasts Barbara Walters Over Her Use Of The N-Word

Things got a little heated on Monday’s episode of The View when Sherri Shepherd called out Barbara Walters for using the N-word. According to PEOPLE:

Whoopi Goldberg used the word first on Monday’s broadcast while quoting presidential candidate Herman Cain. Walters repeated it in context of their conversation, though she told her co-hosts, ‘It’s very hard for me to say.…The fact that I just said it now gives me chills.’

The co-hosts were discussing the name of a hunting camp used by Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry. But when Walters said the word, she drew a sharp rebuke from Shepherd.”

Considering Barbara used it in a newsy context, that brings us to our question: Is there ever a time it’s OK for a non-black person to use the N-word? Check out the drama that unfolded on Monday, and let us know whether or not Sherri was right in chastising the daytime gabfest’s mother hen:

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