Shonda Rhimes Sued by Writer Over Failed Series


More money, more problems for Shonda Rhimes. The Scandal boss is being sued by a struggling writer who claims the accomplished producer stole the idea for a failed television series from her work.

Debra Feldman claims that Rhimes got a hold of her transcript The Red Tattoo and used it as a template for her series Off the Map, which had a short run on ABC in 2011 and followed several doctors working in a remote South American village. The show was produced by Rhimes as well as others who worked on her hit Grey’s Anatomy.

In her suit, Feldman claims none of the writers knew anything about medical treatment in the third world before her manuscript. Says a rep for Rhimes, “It is our policy not to comment on frivolous claims.”

Rhimes is not the first entertainment powerhouse to face plagiarism claims. Tyler Perry has been dealing with such nuisances throughout his career.