Snoop Teams Up With Clothing Company


It has been nearly three years now since Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion has been out of the fashion industry after his Rich and Infamous line folded. However, it seems the rapper tuned reggae artist is getting back into the clothing industry with a little help from HUF.

HUF is reportedly happy about the launch of a high profile collaboration with Diamond Supply Co, however it is also gearing up to team up with the iconic MC. The company teased an image of Snoop clad in HUF’s 12 Galaxies T-Shirt, black pants and a matching black fur coat with a pair of embroidered “Snoop Dogg” eggplant house slippers on a wicker throne chair.

Of mention is the fact that Snoop is using his old moniker of Snoop Dogg and not Snoop Lion. He has in the past stated that even though he is reincarnated, his style “never left.”

Will we be seeing any Rastafarian inspired red, green and yellow pieces?