“Spring Breakers” Sneakers Make Their Debut

You may have seen the trailer for “Spring Breakers” and of course are aware that for the most part, the movie showcases Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudges, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine strutting around in bikinis, tank tops and sneakers.

However if you can’t quite hit the beach as yet, that’s ok, shoe company Supra is ensuring that you can get the “Spring Breakers” look with its new style of kicks. They have joined forces with the film’s director Harmony Korine on a limited edition ‘lowtop’ inspired by the film.

Aptly called “The Spring Breakers Donavyn,” it features a hot pink low top with turquoise rubber soles and three different pairs of laces in black, magenta and blue. The sneakers are set to be released in conjunction with the film later on this week. However, if you need a pair, you will have to race to get them as the company has only created 100 pairs of the Donavyn.

“Spring Breakers” opens on March 22 in New York and Los Angeles and nationwide on March 29.

Photo: Supra