Horror Movie Tops Box Office

It’s been nearly 20 years since the original “Evil Dead” was launched, however a remake of Sam Raimi’s cult classic is again sitting atop the box office. This version of “Evil Dead”, written by Diablo Cody and produced by Bruce Campbell, had a total of $26 million in ticket sales to push its rise to the top.

Following steadily behind is “The Croods” and then closing in at third is G.I Joe: Retaliation”. “Olympus Has Fallen” was in fifth, while Tyler Perry’s “Temptation” finished at sixth. Temptation has earned $38.4 million in the two weeks since its release.

Look out for Snoop Dogg and Katt Williams’ “Scary Movie 5” and Jackie Robinson biopic “42” starring Chadwick Boseman and Harrison Ford as they battle for top spot.

Photo: TriStar Pictures

“Spring Breakers” Sneakers Make Their Debut

You may have seen the trailer for “Spring Breakers” and of course are aware that for the most part, the movie showcases Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudges, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine strutting around in bikinis, tank tops and sneakers.

However if you can’t quite hit the beach as yet, that’s ok, shoe company Supra is ensuring that you can get the “Spring Breakers” look with its new style of kicks. They have joined forces with the film’s director Harmony Korine on a limited edition ‘lowtop’ inspired by the film.

Aptly called “The Spring Breakers Donavyn,” it features a hot pink low top with turquoise rubber soles and three different pairs of laces in black, magenta and blue. The sneakers are set to be released in conjunction with the film later on this week. However, if you need a pair, you will have to race to get them as the company has only created 100 pairs of the Donavyn.

“Spring Breakers” opens on March 22 in New York and Los Angeles and nationwide on March 29.

Photo: Supra

Halle Berry Returns To X-Men

Halle Berry has confirmed that she will be returning to her role as Storm in comic book franchise “X-Men: Days of Future Past.” This is the fourth time she will be playing the warrior queen role.

Berry can next be seen in the thriller “The Call” which is due in theatres March 15.

Meanwhile in other news, Jennifer Lopez is reportedly gearing up for a chance to play Latin pop icon Gloria Estefan in the Broadway musical “Do That Conga.” She is said to be in a dead-heat with Mexican pop star Thalia for the role.

Chris Rock Set To Direct New Project

Comedian and filmmaker Chris Rock is gearing up to begin work on a project called “Finally Famous.” It tells the story of a movie star who is desperate to reinvent himself as a serious actor.

The script was written by Rock, and apart from directing he will also star in the film. Since 2007, this will be Rock’s first time directing, he last did work on “I Think I Love My Wife” and a documentary “Good Hair” which he played the starring role.

In other news, “Deception” star Meagan Good has joined the cast of the “Anchorman” sequel, “Anchorman: The Legend Continues.” Good will take on the role of Will Ferrell’s boss in the film which also stars Steve Carrell, Christina Applegate, Paul Rudd and Kristin Wiig.

Both films are set for release in 2014.

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Talks In Place For Film About Reggae Icon Peter Tosh

Niambe McIntosh, daughter of late iconic reggae artist Peter Tosh, revealed recently that discussions are currently taking place in regards to having a film done about the life and work of her father.

The film is expected to focus on the period surrounding the 1976 release of his album “Legalize It.” This album was Tosh’s first major sole effort after he branched out from “The Wailers.” Its release coincided with albums by Bunny Wailer and Bob Marley, both former members of “The Wailers.”

Work has reportedly begun on the script, however no date has been set for the start of production or the film’s official release.

Niambe revealed that British film director Kevin McDonald was chosen to direct the upcoming film following his recent success with the Marley documentary released last April.

She said, “When I saw the documentary I was so pleased with the way the story was told. He is a really, really great storyteller. He was able to fill so many gaps and answer many questions people had about Bob Marley. In addition, I really loved The Last King of Scotland, which he also directed, another great story.”

Niambe is Tosh’s youngest child and feels a feature film will be the best way to grab the interest of those who do not know Tosh, especially the younger generation.

It is still not clear who will play the role of Tosh in the film, however Niambe says the actor who lands the role must bring a certain dynamism and versatility.

Peter Tosh, born Winston Hubert McIntosh, was one of the founding members of “The Wailers,” along with Bunny Wailer and Bob Marley in the early 1960’s. On September 11, 1987 he was shot and killed at his St. Andrew home in Jamaica. He was 42 years old.

Photo: Jamaica Gleaner

The Best Man Sequel Slated For Year End Release

Fans of The Best Man are finally getting a sequel!

The original film, which was released fourteen years ago, stars Taye Diggs as an up-and-coming author who is caught between his old girlfriend, played by Nia Long and his current love interest, played by Sanaa Latham.

Long confirmed that a sequel was in the making and is slated for a Christmas release. She told Urban Daily, “I’m getting ready to play Jordan Armstrong again. We start [shooting] in April, so I’m excited to relive Jordan. She’s very feisty, very organized, and knows what she wants. She’s all about business. But I think you’re going to see her find her heart in the sequel. That’s her big challenge.”

There is no word yet on how many stars from the original cast, which also includes Morris Chestnut, Terrence Howard and Regina Hall, will return for the much anticipated sequel.