Take A Dream Vacation In Madagascar


The beautiful island of Madagascar is home to 5% of all known plants and animal species. The flora and fauna to be found in this country is simply divine and is second to none. This diverse place is one in which you can go from desert to rainforests without going very far. There are very few places on earth where you will find such variety.

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world. There are national parks and resorts that are so remote you can only get to them via private planes or boats. With over 5000km of coastline and 450km of barrier reefs, no trip to Madagascar is complete without visiting the island’s beaches. For the more adventurous, you can check out various diving sites where you can choose from underwater ‘cathedrals’ to shipwrecks. You can also get the chance to see sting rays, whale sharks, reef sharks and other wide varieties of sharks.

For those who choose not to go diving, you may opt to laze around on the beach in a hammock or you may join the local fisherman for a trip in a pirogue or dugout canoe and explore nearby islands or board a whale watching boat to enjoy the humpbacks breaching, which has been described as one of nature’s most majestic spectacles.

Madagascar is populated with a large number of migrants from all over the Indian Ocean, who have all brought their own customs and beliefs. This has resulted in a cultural melting pot that has evolved into a diverse set of beliefs and rituals that honor ancestral spirits. There is much history to discover from the 12 sacred hills of Antananarivo to the mysterious pirate cemetery of IIe Sainte Marie.

Getting There And Around
You may get to Madagascar either by air or sea. If you go by sea, you will need a whole lot of time and determination. More than likely it will be by cargo ship, unless you can get a ride on a yacht with a crew. Turbulent waters may however make it a rough trip.

If you opt for air travel you may check with your local travel agents to see what flights are available to you from your country.