Take A Trip To American Samoa

If a tropical destination is what you seek, featuring magnificent mountains, scenic bay areas and villages with some of the world’s most remote reefs and beaches, then you need to take a trip to American Samoa. Once you get to the main island of Tutuila, you will see exactly what we speak about; Pago Pago’s incredible harbor is dominated by spectacular cliffs and exemplifies the natural beauty you will find throughout American Samoa.

From forest lined roads to isolated mountain paths or palm shaded beaches, American Samoa has it all. The friendly locals are also more than willing to help acclimatize you to your surroundings by encouraging you to join in their sing-alongs as you travel on the crowded island buses.

Once you set foot on the virtually untouched outlying island of Manu’a you will be transported into a truly magnificent place with coral filled water, and sea birds in a truly tranquil setting. There is rarely anything to disturb the peace on this island excepting for the occasional bark or a dog or a passing vehicle.
Some of the highest sea cliffs in the world can be found on Ta’u, so if you are into hiking, take out your boots and venture on an interesting hike.

Getting There And Around
The two main ways to get to American Samoa are by water and air. A ferry named Lady Naomi runs between Pago Pago and Apia once per week. By air you can fly directly to Tutuila from Apia (Samoa) and Honolulu (Hawaii). Many people tend to tie in a trip to this remote area whenever they are exploring Samoa and any other South Pacific destination.

It is best to visit American Samoa during the dry season, which runs from May to October. For travel between December and January, it is best to book well in advance, as this is the peak holiday period for Samoan expats living in the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Photo: Peter Hendrie/Lonely Planet Photographer