Take a trip to Gili Trawangan and Learn To Freedive


Freediving is an athletic sport that requires a certain amount of fitness to swim down to a reef, and then find your way back to the surface. The activity requires you to swim through the sea in a torso-hugging neoprene and calls for a combination of grace, elegance and controlled power.

As a growing sport, freediving has been done for many years. Earliest records indicate that as early as 5000BC, ancient Greeks practiced it. Today, women in Japan and Korea continue to freedive. They do this in order to gather shellfish, seaweed, and pearls.

One of the best places to do freediving is in the tiny coral fringed island of Gili Trawangan, a two-hour boat ride east of Bali. Once a destination for primarily backpackers, it has matured into a relaxed vision of the tropics. Several excellent diving schools including Lutwala (www.lutwala.com) can be found there.


There are now many freedive schools across the world you may try; various places include, the Bahamas, Australia, Iceland, and Ireland.