Take A Trip To Lassen Volcanic Park


How would you like to take a trip to an active volcano? Although it has remained quiet since 1921, Lassen Peak located in California is still considered as an active volcano.


Today the landscape is dotted with vibrant painted dunes which stems from volcanic activity in the Cinder Cone at the Lassen Volcanic National Park. The park is the only place in the world that has all the four types of volcanoes. It is also one of the only two active volcanoes in the continental U.S.


Visitors to the park are recommended to come from the south gate as the visuals from that side are simply amazing. The park is most beautiful in early summer. Short walking tours are offered in the park with tour guides to describe the various rocks scattered in the park. The northern side of the park may be a bit chaotic and has a very “otherworld” look.



Important Tips


  • It is important that you watch for the weather.
  • Early visits are stunning with visible snow patches
  • The park is kid friendly and very educational.


When To Go

It is best to visit the volcanic area in summer and fall. During the winter months heavy snow close most of the main roads. However for visitors who enjoy snowshoe hikes and cross country skiing the northern and southern entrances are places to make sure you take a trip to.