Teens are using bottle tops to get Kylie Jenner lips on social media and it’s terrifying


Teenagers wanting to mimic Kylie Jenner’s full pout have been giving themselves at-home lip jobs, known as ‘bottle lips’ and posting pictures on social media with the hashtag #kyliejennerchallenge.

Although Kylie says she’s never had any work done, her lips have become visibly fuller in recent years.

And the look has inspired an alarming new trend for DIY lip jobs, carried out using bottle lids.

You put the lid over your lips and then suck out all the air, causing them to swell up.

Sadly, bottle lips aren’t a new phenomenon.

In February, Aussie student Brittany Forster’s lip-job fail went viral after she showed off the less-than-flawless results.


And Icelandic sisters Yrja Ás Baldvinsdottir and Birgitta Ás also cautioned against the trend last month. Yrja said: ‘I just wanted to try it and see what they would look like, I’ve never done it before, and I won’t be doing it again. My lips turned blue.’



After hearing Yrja’s story, Cosmetic surgeon Pordiis Kjartansdottir strongly warned others against trying the DIY trick. ‘I can definitely say that this would be dangerous even just to try it, and especially somebody does it more than once,’ she said.

She warned: ‘The lips turn blue because blood fills up and they could easily become infected and lose all sensation.

‘It is a really dangerous stunt and I’d advise strongly against anybody trying it.’

In short, don’t try this at home kids. Because it’s dangerous and, let’s fact it, it looks absolutely ridiculous.

Source: http://metro.co.uk