Thailand to Become World’s Buddhist Center!


The Cabinet in Thailand has set the goal to establish Thailand as the world’s center for Buddhist activities and studies.


The Office of National Buddhism has been assigned the task of serving as the core agency to coordinate with the Sangha as well as related organizations and individuals to work on the project. As the center for Buddhism, Thailand would host conferences, seminars, meetings and training in various Buddhist temples and buildings that would be equipped with enough facilities to accommodate visitors. It will also serve as an ideal location for spiritual exercise and renewal.


The center would cater to people inside and outside the country who are interested in conducting various activities. As such existing buildings such as auditoriums, museums, libraries and hostels would be developed in accordance with the management of the world Buddhist center.


The Thai government and various Buddhist organizations held a Buddhist promotion week recently to mark the “World Day of Vesak” or “Visakha Puja” which is observed as the holiest day of the year for Buddhists everywhere. The Day of Vesak falls on the full day of the sixth lunar month which coincides with May 24 this year.