The Best Cat Nail Art On The Internet

Guys, it’s the middle of March, and there seemed to be no better time to round up the best cat nail art on the interwebs than right now. Why? Well, why NOT? Unless you hate animals/immediately start gagging at anything cute/are a big fat meanieface, this is probably going to be the best few minutes you’ll ever spend on the computer. We (happily) devoted hours researching the best feline nails and narrowed it down to these beautifully purr-fect designs. So grab your cat, turn your “Awww, who’s the cutest liddle bwaby kiddy in the whole worldddd” voice to full volume, and relish in the pure amazingness of these nail artists.



Candice from hand painted each nail with a uniquely different feline face, and we’re in pure awe of her commitment to detail. From the whiskers to the eyes to the little pink noses, she left no cat corner unturned, and for that, we salute her.


This kitty nail art has been circulating the web for a few months now, and we cannot for the LIFE OF US figure out how they did this. Stamps? A Sharpie? We must know. Either someone’s got the key to everything that’s right in this world or there’s a person so talented that we’re just giving up. On everything. Like, we’d stop writing right now if we found out someone did this by hand.



The ladies over at Disco Nail constantly amaze us with their stellar work. The Tokyo-based crew painted mini masterpieces on this gal’s fingertips. I mean, there’s even shadinghappening here, people. SHADING.


Candice couldn’t get enough of cats the first time around, so this time she opted for colorful silhouettes. We love how she used a gradient pink-to-red fade on top of a nude base. Hot!



The lady behind The Unrefined took her stiletto nails and transformed them into little cat faces! Just painting the tip is a totally fresh take on the feline trend, and we can’t get enough.


Photo: Courtesy of Thalia

Thalia hand painted a cat and paw prints on a french gel manicure with acrylics, and it totally makes us want to take an art class ASAP. I mean, look at the cat playing with the yarn!!! #dead


A cat nail roundup wouldn’t be complete without the Nyan Cat! This is the internet, after all, and Holiday over at Black Coffee 1437 recreated the meme on her nails SO. WELL. that we all need to give her a huge round of applause for the amount of pixelated goodness on her tips.