The Game Guest Star: Estelle

Take us on a trip to Estelle land! Once again The Game is bringing the star power to the silver screen! Tonight, british singing sensation Estelle will make a guest appearance as herself. Now, we all know that Malik doesn’t have it like he use to. The Sabers’ have downsized his checks to bench status. But we know Malik – he likes to keep up appearances, despite his dwindling bank account. He has to make the bottles pop for Tee Tee’s birthday, but will he be able to pay up at the end of the night? Who’ll show up to witness Malik’s financial downfall? Will Estelle be a new love interest? Buy out Tee Tee’s Cluck Truck? Battle Chardonnay for Jason’s affection? You’ll have to watch and find out!


We can’t wait to see what Estelle will bring to The Game, can you? Be sure to tune in TONIGHT for The Game, 10P/9C only on BET.