The joys of solo travel

The joys of solo travel

Next in this episode, I talk to former Yahoo Travel editor at large Paula Froelich, a big fan of solo travel, as seen on her adventure travel web series “A Broad Abroad,” about “giving myself the gift of reflection” on the road.

“You look back at what happened in the last year,” said Froelich, “and you ask, ‘All right, what did I learn from that and what am I going to do going forward? How do I want to be? What things to I want to toss out the window and what things do I want to nurture or keep?’ And it’s hard to do that when you’re surrounded by a bunch of people.”

And finally I talk to Randall Reeves, who circumnavigated both the Americas and the Antarctic in a small sailboat, passing through four separate oceans and nearing both poles in the process. He did this alone, with just his one set of hands.

“The times that I’ve been out to sea, I’ve felt connected,” said Reeves. “Connected to the boat, connected to the ocean. . . . There’s wonderful bird life in some sections of the ocean, so seeing these great albatrosses fly close to the boat or the variation of waves and wind and clouds from one day to the next. . . . They all feel like friends.”

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