The Must-Have Jewelry Pieces We’re Obsessed Over This Season


Fulfilling an outfit never seemed so time consuming – that is, until the cold season arrived deciding to throw us a complete whirlwind. And while most fashion mavens tend to lean more towards layering to make their outfit complete, many of us have a habit of forgetting about the simple accents of fashion: like jewelry.

For the cold season, we’re ditching the usual bold silhouettes and opting for the dainty look. Minimalist jewelry has been all over our radar, and luckily, with the re-launch of popular jewelry boutique, Catbird NYC, we’ve got even more reason to get our credit cards ready.

And yes, we know what you’re probably thinking: simple jewelry can be boring. But we’re here to tell you that you’re completely mistaken. Make your look that much more interesting by thinking of some creative options – like pairing delicate necklaces together or grabbing your simplest bracelets to create some serious arm candy.