The Weeknd apologises to Usher after Billboard Music Awards


The Weeknd has sent an apology to R&B icon Usher after getting a little ahead of himself with celebrations from his dominant night at the Billboard Music Awards.

The XO crooner was nominated in 16 categories and ended up taking home an incredible eight wins including the awards for Top Song Sales Artist, Top R&B Artist and Top 100 Artist. However, the euphoria may have got him a little carried away as he declared on Twitter “XO we took home 8! more than any male artist in history. Thank you @billboard,”

The problem with this however is wasn’t exactly true, as back in 2004 Usher took home a record breaking 14 awards for his album Confessions. The ‘Feel My Face‘ singer quickly realized his error soon after though and sent respectful apologies saying “Apologize to the OG @Usher, got excited and spoke to soon”

Source: Dre1Alliance