These 7 spots on your body will spice up your life


 An erogenous zone is an area of the body that has heightened sensitivity, which, when stimulated, is thought to be extremely pleasurable.

The lips, ears, breasts and…other areas are the erogenous zones that everyone knows about but there are many other hot spots.

Here are 7 pleasure spots that you might not have known about.

1. Small of the back

If you want to send her into a frenzy rub her lower back. The sacral nerves located in that area are an awesome source of pleasure when stimulated. These nerves are said to be a direct link to other very sensitive areas.

2. Belly button (women)

Did you know that the belly button is considered an erogenous zone for women? According to WebMD that area is neurologically connected to a woman’s biggest pleasure centre.

3. Soles of the feet (men)

The soles of the feet are a pleasure point for men. There is supposedly an acupressure point known as the ‘bubbling spring’ located a third of the way down the third toe.

4. Toes (women)

A woman’s toes are also considered an erogenous zone. So a foot massage might really come in handy when setting the mood.

5. Backs of the knees

Just like the back of the neck this isn’t an area that gets much love and that makes behind the knees a very sensitive area.

6. Back of the neck

This area of the body isn’t one that’s touched on a regular basis so it’s hyper-sensitive and pleasurable for both sexes.

7. Lower abs

A woman’s lower ab area is also thought to be a pleasure point. According to Woman’s Day, “The area of the abdomen between the navel and pelvis is a fun area to tantalize, and as blood flows to the pelvis and sexual tension gathers, it’s a good area to simulate.”

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