These Are The Top Fashion Brands Millennials Are Loving


Ever wonder what fashion brands the teens of today are obsessing over?

There’s no denying that keeping up with the trends of the millennial generation is a job within itself. But thankfully, with the help of Teen Vogue and Goldman Sachs, the duo compiled a list of brands that teenagers and young adult customers are loving. Teaming up for the third year in a row, the youth-focused publisher and Goldman Sachs’ Apparel and Accessories Global Investment Research Group conducted a survey that ranks labels based on their online and in-store impact.

And let’s just say, the results are pretty on point! Coming out on top is Forever 21, followed by H&M with a #7 spot – which pretty much sets the tone with fast fashion retailers. As far as surprises go, Louis Vuitton managed to earn a #17 spot right before Steve Madden, with the following brands taking a role in the top 50 for the first time in 2015: Adidas, Calvin Klein, Tiffany & Co., Nars and Nasty Gal.

When it comes to what these brands all have in common, we pretty much rounded the solution out to social media – which is basically the largest impact on millennials today. With the exception of a few brands, most of the labels on this list are pros at entertaining the social media mass.