This simple passport holder is one of my best travel buys

This simple passport holder is one of my best travel buys

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  • I travel frequently, and until recently never saw the point in passport holders. 
  • I took along Cuyana’s Classic Passport Holder on a three-week trip this past December, and it’s now one of my most valuable travel companions despite its simplicity.
  • You don’t have to spend $95 to get a great version, but I particularly loved the quality and organization of Cuyana‘s take on the traditional holder. 

Every year, I pack my bags and head home to celebrate the holidays in the Midwest. And from there, I re-pack them and head straight to Central America for a couple weeks before returning to New York.

Thanks to the unique challenge of packing for two polar opposite climates and occasions, this yearly pilgrimage is unofficially made possible by the smart travel accessories that actually make a difference.

And, until recently, I didn’t know how useful — and admittedly pretty chic — a passport case could be. Prior to my most recent trip, I thought of them as mostly inessential, cosmetic add-ons, which were not what I considered worth spending money on.

But I’ve rarely been so glad so frequently for any item while traveling. The obvious benefits were present: I always knew where my passport, boarding tickets, and baggage claim ID was, they were all organized together in one place, and the case was easily identifiable and compact in my “personal item” bag. Through the many layovers, customs checkpoints, and security lines, I was thrilled not to have to dig around for any important item even once.

On that “cosmetic” level, I must say I loved the luxury of having a nice leather passport case. It might be silly, but sometimes the “look good, feel good” mantra has some weight to it, even if good is substituted for “organized.”

I took along the Cuyana Classic Passport Case ($95) in navy, and while you can definitely find travel cases for less, I liked the organization and aesthetic of Cuyana’s best — which isn’t too surprising for a startup best known for their leather and straightforward designs. You’re paying for peace of mind with any passport holder, but Cuyana bumped up style with pebbled leather in fun, classic colors like navy and a vibrant red as well as lengthening their design to fit airplane tickets as well.

And though sentimental, there is something that makes you attached to your travel companions, in much the same way we are loath to hand over our passport with all its stamps in exchange for a fresh one. The idea of investing in a passport case, if you’re going to use one, appeals to me: you buy one high-end case once rather than wait for an inferior one to fall apart, go out of style, or not have quite the organizational system you want, so you’re never 100% satisfied with it. For the extra $30, I’d rather love the thing.

I’ve highlighted some key features below, but you can shop Cuyana directly here, and the passport case here.

Buy the Cuyana Classic Passport Case at Cuyana for $95

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