Today Is World Radio Day


Today, Wednesday February 13th, is recognized as World Radio Day. The United Nations has described this as a day to celebrate the medium and encourage major networks and community radio to promote freedom of expression.

UNESCO, the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, claims that “radio continues to evolve during the digital age, and radio is still the largest medium to reach the widest audiences worldwide.” The U.N Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said that after the Korean War, it was radio that served as a lifeline to the outside world. He was quoted as saying: “We had radio. And radio helped open my eyes and ears to the world. Since its invention more than a hundred years ago, radio has sparked the imagination, opened the doors for change and served as a channel for life-saving information. Radio entertains, educates and informs. It promotes democratic expression and influences ideas.”

The Secretary General also said: “From shortwave to FM to satellite transmission, radio connects people wherever they are. In conflict situations and times of crisis, radio is a lifeline for vulnerable communities. Radio is both valuable and cost effective. From day one, the United Nations has been using radio to reach the peoples of the world.”

The idea of World Radio Day was first proposed by Spain.