Travel To St Lucia This August to Watch Phenomenal Coral Spawning

Each year for over a decade now guest and scuba divers at the Anse Chastanet Resort in St. Lucia have been treated with a most spectacular event termed coral spawning.

The staff at the in house scuba operation has become so adept to predicting the nights that spawning will occur that you can know beforehand so you may be there to witness this amazing event. This year the prognosticators have predicted that this amazing feat will begin on the night of August 13 and continue into the 14 and 15th.


Coral spawning is the release of millions of packets of eggs and sperm cells that appear underwater as massive pink and white clouds that drift to the surface where the fertilization process takes place. After this spawning takes place the next day the sea will be partially covered by pink slicks of coral larvae. This represents the next generation of one of the oceans most important organisms. These are what will within a few weeks settle at the bottom of the sea and begin the process of reef building.

While most of the coral spawning process remains a mystery to scientists it is known that somehow each type of coral on a reef synchronizes the timing of its spawning and it takes place only once each year.


For years Scuba St. Lucia has been offering spectacular night dives during the predicted period to witness this magnificent feat. Diving is normally done on the Anse Chastanet reef, which is located just off the resorts beach. Scuba St. Lucia also has underwater cameras which may be used to capture the beauty and awe of this once a year event.