Trend To Try: Valentine’s Day Accessories

We don’t know about you, but we’re not really into the whole dressing in all over red or pink on Valentine’s Day. Not that we begrudge those who wish to shout their love spirit in color, mind you, we just sometimes feel we can celebrate in a more subtle way (like maybe just with a pint of ice cream, some festive bangle bracelets, and yet another viewing of The Notebook). Whether you’re celebrating with a loved one, your pals, or in an independent who-cares-about-this-holiday (but maybe I do still kind of care?) sort of way, here are some Valentine’s Day-inspired accessories to get into the heart pumping holiday spirit.


We’re big fans of this Jonathan Adler Pink Heart Sunglasses Case which recalls vintageLolita and a happy place in retro Palm Springs where there is sunshine and the possibility of love. These NW3 Lips Earrings are cute on their own and don’t even need a holiday to accompany them on your ears. Pair ’em with an all black outfit and a stack of ASOS Neon Love Rings. The Kate Spade Meet Your Match bangle is also subtle and able to be worn year-round. But if you want to be more overt and put LOVE around your neck like a tattoo on an arm sleeve, we suggest the Tatty Devine Enamel Love Necklace. Need more ideas? Right this way!



If you’re not into wearing any red or pink at all, we suggest gold. And if you’re, ahem, “Taken” (even by the loving paws of your cat), wear this In God We Trust Taken charm necklace with pride over the neck of a flouncy dress or with jeans and a simple sweater. The Urban Renewal Double Heart Stretch Belt is another gold option that will take you straight through spring, so wrap it around a cinched-waist dress or throw it over an oversize blazer. Much like the Kate Spade bangle bracelet, this Catbird Arrow Cuff hints rather than shouts VALENTINE’S DAY. Plus, it’s elegantly cool and can get lost in a stack of other bangle bracelets.


Oh, WAIT. Did we just find the most perfect Valentine’s Day accessory EVER? Why, yes, we did! How about Ryan Gosling on a pin accompanied by another pin bearing lines from The Notebook? Yeah, girl, these Livy Love Designs Ryan Gosling pins are the heart bomb diggity. Wear them on your jean jacket over your heart (obvs). DONEZO.