Trey Songz on Acting More and Wanting to Do a Role on Empire


Trey Songz is out here on his music grind again with his reissued album, Trigga Reloaded.

After Trigga Trey sat down with Hot 97, he made his way to The Breakfast Club for a lively discussion. They break down his desire to become a father, the amount of No. 1 singles he has accumulated, touring with Chris Brown, his live shows and more.

The R&B singer has stacked up hits ranging from “Bottoms Up” to “Slow Motion.” Although it seems like making a hit record is second nature to him, he still wants to continue pushing himself to make songs that his fans can still connect with.

“The dope thing about being on Z100 or having records that go Top 40, I don’t make my records with that in focus or with that in mind. It’s been so ill, so much of a blessing for me to able to be me on the records and they have the success that they do,” he says. “Like I said, this is the fourth No. 1 in the last year for me. And for me, it’s been kind of quietly. I’m just all about making sure that at this point in my career I’m still thriving for the best me. [I’m] still thriving to be better than I was yesterday, to make records that are real to me, to make records that my fans can relate to at this point.”

Songz moved on to talking about his acting aspirations, even saying that he’d do Empire if they approached him. “Yeah, I actually would, depending on what the role consists of,” he says. “I don’t know if I do the role as Trey Songz ‘cause that doesn’t really do anything for me as an actor. It’d probably increase my brand within that space to Fox viewers who aren’t really aware of what’s up. But, at the same time, I’d probably want something a little better.”

Afterwards, he elaborated on his tweet last week about the Charleston shooting that said, “When people with hate in their heart are so determined we have to go so much harder to spread love.”

“I think when you look at the course of America’s history, it’s been things that are getting shaken up that create change,” he says. “Whether it’s done violently or non-violently … it’s been the speaking about it, it’s been a gathering of people to say that we have to have change of a certain sort. I just think that’s a little devastating that these things are happening now and being swept under the rug.”

He later points out, “It’s sad. When the Charleston thing happened, I’m not surprised because I think anything could happen in America nowadays. But at the same time, I was like, ‘Wow.’ I ain’t really have no words. It probably took me a while to put that tweet together — to gather my words, and be encouraging.”

Source – BET.COM

Image – BET.COM