Trick Or Trouble: Offensive Halloween Costumes To Avoid


Halloween is still weeks away, but we already have our first celebrity Halloween costume faux pas.

Ashley Benson was showing off her potential Halloween costume on Instagram, and instead of getting the expected double taps, she got a lot of angry fans. The “Pretty Little Liars” star thought a Cecil The Lion costume would be appropriate for the holiday, and realized it was a bit too soon. While she has since changed the caption from “Cecil The Lion” costume to “lion costume,” the damage is done.

One follower wrote, “Disgusting! Just shows how celebrities are brainless,” with another one adding, “It is in poor taste.”

Benson is added to the long list of celebrities who have failed at Halloween, joining Julianne Hough’s blackface, Chris Brown’s Taliban and the countless sexy Native American ensembles we see every year.

When it comes to Halloween, a costume should be relevant, but it should never offend for the wrong reasons. This year, there is already a storm brewing regarding costumes of Caitlyn Jenner, Cecil The Lion’s dentist killer and even a sexy Donald Trump.

Just say no.

Channel your inner Miley or Taylor or Rihanna. Go with the black and blue (or white and gold) dress that took over the Internet. Even Hilary Clinton if you want to get political. But be weary of culturally insensitive and degrading costumes that won’t be getting you any treats.