TV Show Inspires Art Show


For six years beginning in 2004, science fiction fans worldwide tuned in to watch a group of air wreck survivors fight against supernatural forces on an uncharted Pacific island. The television program ‘Lost’ generated much buzz from the web and explanatory guidebooks, keeping viewers captivated each week. The popular show has now been the inspiration for an art show.

The Los Angeles Municipal Gallery is playing host through January 27 of LOST in L.A. This exhibition combines works by more than 40 artists from the United States and France. Among them are American conceptual artist Jim Shaw, French installationist Tatiana Trouve and the late Mike Kelley.


The show, which is curated by Marc-Olivier Wahler, is a partnership between the City of Los Angeles, the France Los Angeles Exchange (FLAX) and the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.  Wahler said the idea stems from him talking with artists about TV shows they watched most. He explained; “What came up were these different layers of space and time and how they might connect. So, I thought, why not imagine an exhibition that examines this link?


The exhibition is not devoted to rendering any visuals of the TV program. Instead, it examines complex ideas related to displacement and loss. These ideas do well in Los Angeles, and will leave audiences just as intrigued as they were with the show.