Tyra Blasts Fashion’s New Standards


Social media has made modeling a 24-hour job, and it’s not pretty.

In a #TBT post on her Instagram this week, Tyra Banks shared a behind-the-scenes shot of her looking as glam as flannel and jeans gets with a caption that was equally nostalgic. “Models have so much pressure today. They have to look good on AND off the set,” she wrote. “They have to arrive backstage at fashion shows looking and dressed as if they are already ON a runway.”

Today’s shifting standards are also affecting body image, and images in media, she adds. “They have to be slimmer than slim. Skinnier than skinny. They have to compete with actresses, recording artists and reality stars for magazine covers and ad campaigns. They have to have tons of followers on social media to book top notch jobs. And they have to do selfies that make them look relatable, but not TOO relatable, because then people may comment that they don’t understand, “Why the heck is THAT girl a friggin’ model??!!!!”

Even the most haute of the couture designers didn’t scrutinize that much, when she was coming up, Banks explained. “Mr. Yves Saint Laurent could care how I looked when I arrived to his show. But when I hit his stage, he expected excellence. And I made sure I delivered that every time I was chosen to walk his amazing runway.”

Since those days, Banks has made tremendous strides in bringing the reality to fashion. The 22nd cycle of her show, America’s Next Top Model hits TV screens August 5.

“I’m sending love and hugs to all working, aspiring and super models worldwide,” she concludes. “You all have lots to live up to. And I’m here cheering for you every single day. Stay strong girls.”

source – bet.com

image – bet.com