Up & Comers: Paris Based Brand INYÜ Offers One-Stop-Shop For African Fashion


In such a saturated fashion market, buying clothes that stand out from the crowd is key to not drowning in a sea full of look-a-likes. Even if it’s just simple elements like mixing up the media on a jacket or skirt, it makes a huge difference.

Enter INYÜ, a marketplace for African designers to sell their designs to a broader audience and make African-inspired clothing more accessible.

Angel became frustrated when she kept noticing that there was a lack of online destinations where women could go and buy African-inspired clothes. Her frustration grew to a point where she decided she would be the one to fill that niche with what is now her year-old marketplace, INYÜ.

Previously employed at Universal Music France, Angel now spends her time traveling through Africa and the world to gather inspiration and scope the latest African trends. She cites everything as a form of inspiration, “Everything inspires me, from the Parisian working girl to the African ‘mama’, all the women who dare to be themselves, to be different and unique!”

INYÜ stands for in you, as the site says, it’s a way for every individual to dare to be themselves, “to reveal what is in them.” Instead of looking like everyone else, Angel’s store allows its shoppers to get everyday pieces with a cultural twist.