US: ‘Oprah in a small town in Iowa devoted to the practice of Transcendental Meditation’

A photo posted a few days ago on Oprah Winfrey’s page on Facebook® shows the legendary public figure sitting with her eyes closed among a group of women, deep in meditation.


The caption states: ‘Oprah in a small town in Iowa devoted to the practice of Transcendental Meditation.’

The photo is also featured among several others in a Facebook album entitled ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’, which the text explains is a series that will debut 1 January on her new OWN television channel.

The state of Iowa in the United States is the home of Maharishi University of Management (MUM), a renowned institution of higher education that features Consciousness-Based Education to develop students’ inner potential while they pursue their academic studies.

All students, faculty, and staff at the MUM campus practise theTranscendental Meditation Technique, which has been shown through extensive published research to boost learning ability andinner creativity, improve brain functioning, and reduce stress. At the university the practice promotes an academic environment renowned not only for developing profound knowledge but also for its creative, harmonious, and enriching quality of life.

Many members of the community also practise Transcendental Meditation every day in two Golden Domes on the MUM campus. These large meditation groups constitute the Invincible America Assembly, established in 2006 to reduce negative social trends, including crime and violence, and create an influence ofcoherence and positivity in US national consciousness.