Vans Partners With Della To Support Women In Ghana

Building a bridge between fashion and social consciousness has become easier with the influx of sustainable companies. The latest connection is between Vans and LA-based company Della, that employs over 50 women in Ghana.

“Della is a socially responsible fashion line that works with a team of women in Ghana, West Africa.” said Della founder and creative director Tina Tangalakis. “We started out making accessories and bridged out to clothing. Rather than just produce clothing, we provide steady jobs, fair wages, education, skills and literacy training to the women.”

The collection of six sneakers all have different hand-dyed fabrics made through the tradition Batik process. Ranging in price form $60 to $70, the high and low top shoes are a funky way to step into spring. But fashion aside, what’s even more vital is what each shoe means.

“What’s great is when we are able to have successful partnership with other companies,” Tangalakis said. “It really pushes us. It sometimes doubles or triples the community and passion we have. My goal is to sustain that and push it even more.”