Visit Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda are two small islands located in the eastern Caribbean. The English colonized them in 1632. For many years sugar plantations ruled the economy and slaves were brought in as laborers. The island is known as the “Gateway to the Caribbean” and is strategically located in the very heart of the Leeward Islands.

They have been independent from Britain since 1981, however they remain under the Commonwealth. In the early 1960s Antigua was one of the first Caribbean islands to promote tourism. Barbuda too followed suit, however that island seeks to balance resort development with the protection of its varied wildlife. Another tiny island also annexed to this twin island group, Redonda is uninhabited.

The capital city is St. John’s and English and the local dialect are the languages spoken there. Like most of its Caribbean neighbors, Antigua & Barbuda boast beautiful beaches; one is the Half Moon Bay, which is one of Antigua’s premier beaches. This is the country that also boasts 365 beaches, one for each day of the year. Antigua is situated in a position offered control over major sailing routes to and from the regions richest island colonies during colonial times.

Fun Facts On Antigua & Barbuda

  • A regatta is held there which is considered #1 in the Caribbean and is among the top ten in the world.
  • The country holds its annual carnival in July with steel band music and colorful costumes.
  • Regular donkey races are held, which are both hilarious and exciting.
  • There are scuba diving operations all over the islands which offer lessons for beginners.
  • The island boasts bustling beaches and glitzy casinos along with live reggae music.
  • Be sure to visit the Cathedral of St. John which is located in the capital.
  • Many restaurants are available from local fast foods to gourmet continental French and Italian.
  • Other activities you may enjoy are deep sea fishing, golf, sailing and horse riding.

Getting There
Most international airlines fly to Antigua and Barbuda. You may check with your local travel agents to book a trip to this beautiful island.

When to Go
The islands boast good weather most of the year.

Photo: John Miller/Getty Images