Visit Peak District National Park In England

Peak District located in England was the first national park to be established in Great Britain. Established in the 1950’s the park is on lands that were once owned by wealthy landowners who restricted or banned public access. However the 1932 Kinder Mass Trespass that was held in the park was a milestone event that led to increased public land access to the lands and the eventual establishment of national parks.


The parks name is derived from peac, an Old English word which means hill. Peak District’s highest point is Kinder Scout which lies some 2,088 feet above sea level. The majority of the park is privately owned land. Almost 86% of the land is also used for farmland mostly for grazing sheep or cattle.

The park may be divided into three sections. The Dark Peak which has high moor covered with thick dark peat. The White Peak named for its 300 million year old limestone filled with fossilized corals and other sea creatures.  The South West Peak comprises moors, woods and pastoral valleys.

Should you visit this park be sure to check out the Castleton Caves which is a very popular sightseeing spot.  Another interesting spot is Chatsworth House which is home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire which is a historic showplace for architecture, art and beautifully landscaped gardens.


How to Get There

Once you are in England you may just check with the local train services or if you wish the bus services.