Visiting The Quirimbas


The Quirimbas are a group of islands that stretch from the northern Mozambique coastline to Palma in the north. These 27 islands are virtually untouched and unexplored.

The archipelago which makes up the Quirimbas is one of the few tropical destinations untainted by man’s influence. There is a Quirimbas National Park, which provides a sanctuary for sea turtles, dugongs, dolphins, sharks and whales. It also has a large tropical forest. The park is home to 11 unspoiled coral islands which are strung along the coastline. These Mozambique coral atolls are abundant with coral covered caves ad tropical fish ranging from gobies to napoleon wrasse as well as game fish such as the askingfish and spanish mackerel.

The Quirimbas is full of history and is a cultural melting pot of Arabian, Portuguese and African influences. On Ibo Island coral reefs, mangrove and magnificent old fortresses tell a magnificent tale of eras gone by. This Mozambique Island was a significant trading post for gold, ivory and later slaves between the 16th and 19th century. The Ibo Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was nominated as such because of its contribution to mankind. Today, visitors can visit and see relics of the slave trade, while they watch silversmiths, hand make fine silver jewelry as they have for many generations.