We Are One Step Closer To Shopping On Facebook


Just in time for the holidays, Facebook is ready to join other social media platforms when it comes to online shopping.

According to WWD, in the upcoming weeks, Facebook will begin testing a “shopping” bookmark under the “More” tab, that will include a range of products based on the pages that a Facebook user has liked. A move to make Facebook a destination for shopping, the products featured will be curated from businesses that are already using the shop section, beginning with accessories and apparel.

Along with a shopping button, Facebook is also unveiling an “immersive” ad format called Canvas that allows user to click an ad and be taken to a screen still within Facebook where they can browse products before clicking to the retailer’s site. Brands such as Michael Kors have already begun testing the feature, with Target soon to join.

“We already see people coming to Facebook to look for and discover products,” Matt Idema, Facebook’s vice president of monetization product marketing, said. “and we’re trying to make that experience better and in turn drive more sales to retailers.”

The goal of Facebook shopping: to turn Facebook into a “mobile hub” for consumers, and get a bigger foothold in e-commerce similar to Amazon, Pinterest and Twitter. Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, also recently added buttons for shopping.

This is just the latest for Facebook, who also recently unveiled moving profile pictures, and Reactions, allowing users to do more than just like a status or product.

What do you think of Facebook shopping?